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Free automated TLS certificates on k8s

Cross posted from blog.n1analytics.comAt N1 Analytics we use Kubernetes for running experiments, continuous integration testing and deployment. In this post I document setting up a Kubernetes cluster to automatically provision TLS certificates from Let’s Encrypt using Jetstack’s Certificate Manager, the helm package manager and the nginx-ingress controller.I wrote this after migrating our cluster from traefik to use cert manager and nginx-ingress. The end state will be one where we can create Kubernetes ingress with a TLS certificate with only a set of annotations in the respective helm template.I’m going to assume some background knowlege for this post, if you haven’t heard of Let’s Encrypt and Kubernetes - you may want to read up on those first! To follow along you will need access to a kubernetes cluster and the kubectl tool.There are a lot of moving pieces in the Kubernetes landscape, one of the most common methods of provisioning TLS certificates was kube-lego - also by Jetstack.…