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Open Source Paillier Libraries

The Confidential Computing team at Data61 has been looking at novel methods of using privacy preserving computation - with the lofty long term goal of increasing users' privacy while still allowing modern analytical insights.

One of the principals we've been relying on is partially homomorphic encryption - the ability to carry out some basic mathematical operations on encrypted data, usually this property is either addition or multiplication. Take a quick look at my previous post on Homomorphic Encryption. My team has looked at multiple homomorphic systems and settled on using the Paillier Crypto system for some of our confidential computing projects.

The homomorphic properties of the Paillier Crypto system are:
An encrypted number can be multiplied by a non encrypted scalar.Encrypted numbers can be added together.Encrypted numbers can be added to non encrypted scalars. Everything else (such as multiplying encrypted numbers together) is either extremely difficult or impossible…