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Why learn programming

Why would you set off to study the art of computer programming? Programming certainly seems like the most complex way to interface with today’s increasingly complex machines. Programming, much like knitting, isn't for everybody; you have to have a curious mind and not be afraid of getting into the nitty gritty. Learning to program is also not something to rush into, it will take a significant investment of time. But here are my top few reasons when asked:

Programming is fun! As with all creative outlets you experience the sheer joy of making things. You start with nothing but an idea and only your imagination limits what you can create.

Programming is a useful tool! To better be able to analyse raw data, automate boring repetitive tasks, or create interactive websites.

Programming teaches a new way of thinking. The process of creating programs is quite different from most things we humans do. Gaining a skill that changes how you think about other things.

Gain a deeper understanding of…