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Time to resume

So my partner Sarah and I decided to move from Christchurch, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia. We managed to spend a few months traveling around South America, recording lots of details over on my other blog:

The largest obstacle for me is finding an awesome job. Finding a job that I will love, a job that will test me, teach me and inspire me. Much like my job at Dynamic Controls has been done for the last three years. It's also potentially time for me to consider a change in direction of my work. Research into some of the technology companies in Sydney has me very excited about work going on around the city.

I've also decided that right now is the perfect opportunity to try working for myself. I'm planning on working as a software/systems contractor and in any downtime working on a couple of startups.

So before spamming dozens of companies I've decided to make a custom website resume. It's available at

I decided to …