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For the last few weeks I have been working on a Simulink / Labview / Ptolemy II like program for modelling... all sorts of stuff!! I am interested in modeling with different systems of computation, and of course some engineering problems, mechanical and electrical control etc. Ptolemey II is an open source java based system which a whole lot of people from Berkley have been working on for a number of years - I am not trying to match what they have - or get anywhere near the breadth that the commercial products Simulink and Labview have. But I do think something useful is very achievable - and of course leveraging what I can from Ptolemy II and basing mine on Python - heavily using SciPy, NumPy and MatPlotLib.

So far I have been working on the semantics - in essence creating a new language for defining models by using blocks (or Actors) that carry out a very specific function. An example actor might be a Ramp Source or a Sin Function. Each of these actors run in their own thread and co…

Open Allure DS

Open Allure DS
An open source project that I have started with John Graves a PHD student in Auckland for a smart computer interface for tutoring. Haven't really had an opportunity to start hacking away yet - but I am really hoping to find some time to chuck something together. It will possibly use my pycam module and speech recognition - ideally it will be cross platform and open source.

To start with we are planning to create a learning game involving recognizing numbers and colors for the initial prototype. Interaction is based on a novel vision and speech based system instead of the mouse and keyboard. The learning game(s), initially aimed at preschool age children, teaching anything from recognizing numbers and colours to basic math. Interaction is based on a novel vision and speech based system instead of the mouse and keyboard.

A very early vision of what it might look like...

Each column is a different color or contains a different letter (or different number or animal...) a…