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Dynamic Reflection

After three years I'm leaving my engineering job at Dynamic Controls! I started as a summer intern back in 2010 and was subsequently hired as a Systems Engineer. Most of my time at Dynamic Controls was spent within the system's architecture team, designing, prototyping and specifying protocols for powered wheelchairs.

I've really enjoyed and grown in my first real world job. Dynamic was a great fledgling ground, while there I've had good mentors and great friends. One thing that stood out from the first day is the company has a strong vision of where it wants to be. The culture strongly promotes innovation, openness, sustainability and a desire for excellence. I've certainly enjoyed telling people that I help design powered wheelchairs as well!

I was very proud to be on the team that helped to design and implement the LiNX architecture. Of course there was plenty of pressure during my time as we released the first in a series of innovative wheelchair controllers. I…