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Building Mobile Applications with Gulp

Apache Cordova can be used to compile HTML5 applications for iOS and Android. This technique allows a developer to easily deploy a static web app to multiple mobile devices. For many genres of application its a perfectly acceptable strategy, especially with javascript performance getting better and better. Personally I want to have cross platform deployment while avoiding the hassle of programming in ObjectiveC for iOS as well as Android’s dialect of Java.
AngularJS is a widely popular javascript framework for all sorts of interactive web apps. Including my own Party Sense project. It is very well suited for developing static website based mobile applications. Because angularjs is used all over the web it doesn’t have much specific support for mobile development, it can however be used to build up common mobile user interactions for example things like tabs, swipe cards etc.
To avoid having to start from scratch ionicframework bridges the gap between cordova and angularjs. Ionic is ess…