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Python Contributor!

I'm rather proud to report that my first contribution to the Python code base has been committed in changeset 80421. To aid in my nostalgia I'm going to discuss what I did and why.

It started a long time ago, I think this post by Jesse Noller inspired me. A new mailing list was set up to encourage more core development, the aim was to get new contributors to the Python codebase. At the same time the Python developers guide was  heavily edited and was made available at

The call was put out for simple contributions - documentation, examples, improving testing coverage for the standard library and relatively easy beginner tasks to become familiar with the development process.

Using a coverage tool written by Ned Batchelder I generated a list of test coverage for each standard library module. After looking down the list of modules with low test coverage I decided to tackle functools. This was a good trade off in terms of its test coverage was real…