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Prototyping User Interfaces with AngularJS

When creating responsive websites there are so many options to choose from. I've come to favour AngularJS and want to take the time to walk through creating a non trivial, useful tool.Standing on the Shoulders of GiantsUsing a seed app gives a well designed and extendible structure. Start by downloading the angular-seedapp from github.Extract the into your project folder and start your web server. The server itself is not the concern of this post, django, nodejs or python's built in http server will work fine to serve the content.If everything has gone well you should be able to aim your web browser at localhost:8000 and sees something very exciting like:Directory LayoutLets take a quick digression to look at where all the files are:app/ --> all of the files to be used in production css/ --> css files with default stylesheet img/ --> image files index.html --> app layout file (the main html template file of the …