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Flash on Ubuntu PPC

Flash on my iBook G4 (Ubuntu 8.10 ppc)

You know what would be great? Having skype and youtube um work... Ok to be fair youtube kinda works unless I want to show people something - in which case it will ALWAYS fail miserably. So I want better flash for youtube...  and after extensive looking into skype:
pidgoen plugins (that needed skype running duh)emulation with a virtual os - might look back into puppy linux just had some proxy annoyancesqemu user-mode looks promising - will definatly look into this further.even looked into reverse engineering the protocol (don't even bother btw, seriously scary trying to debug that program).So what I came up with is that is the answer... its actually as easy as visiting that address and logging in - online solution works for me! :-P
BUT... although I can now text chat to people on skype - to make calls and have video I need far better flash support. Does this exist for the ppc gnu/linux user?

So I really want decent flash support on my iB…

Current state of the art

Hello and welcome to my dev blog!
So this blog is to track what I am up to in my developing...

I am a python convert - when ever I can I now use python.
At this very moment I am working as an engineering intern for Tait Electronics. My research project here is "Using Python as a replacement to Matlab in the field of signal processing".
To this end I am using scipy and matplotlib daily. I have a iBook G4 (ppc) and run linux - precompiled binaries for closed source apps like skype and adobe flash simply don't get realeased for the powerpc. This makes life far more interesting!

Work environment
Windows 2000 - eek
Eclipse (Version: 3.4.1)
Pydev (1.4)Pydev Extensionssvnmylyn

Enthought Python Distribution (Py 2.5 + scipy + numpy + matplotlib)Python 2.3 -> 3.0 (and svn trunk)

Home environment

Ubuntu 8.10 (ppc)
Pydevsvnmylyndjango (svn)django-command-extensions (svn)Python 2.5, 2.6, 3.0scipy, numpy and matplotlib, pil...gammu, python-gammu (No wammu - due to Segfault on startup)So…